Why become a volunteer?

Unique sport event

Crew clothing


Unique memories


Volunteer start

You will escort participants to the start sections and ensure a smooth start.


Volunteer finish

You hand out medals, sports drinks or fruit to the finishing participants.

Volunteer parcours

You will be guarding a section of the parcours to ensure the safety of participants and inform local residents.

Employee handing out starting numbers

Together with a team, you hand out start numbers to participants.

Volunteer drinking stations

There are drinking stations at various points along the course. You will build and dismantle the drinking station and hand out drinks and/or sponges to passing participants.

Volunteer traffic

You will ensure that the course is clear of traffic so that participants can complete the course safely. This position requires a short (online) course (this will be arranged by us). The minimum age is 18.

Do you have a question? please contact our volunteer coordinator.