Experience the magic during AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar


Do you have your diary handy? Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June are the days when the most beautiful two-day sporting event in the central Netherlands breaks loose again: the Kastelentour, the Kastelwandeling de Haar and the AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar. You can now register for AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar and the Kastelentour. Registration for Kasteelwandeling de Haar will open soon.

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Experience the magic during AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar

Update June 23 - Updated event schedule for Sunday


High temperatures are expected early in the morning on Sunday. In order to allow everyone to participate in a responsible and safe manner, the organization of the AFAS SB+ De Halve van De Haar is forced to cancel the half marathon. This well-considered decision was taken in close consultation with the medical service and the Municipality of Utrecht.

The participants of the half marathon will start on the 10 KM. The participants in the half marathon have received more information about this by email.

The goal of the organization is that everyone can run on Sunday in a responsible and enjoyable way during this sporty weekend. To make that possible, the organization is forced to adjust the program for Sunday. The Castle Walk and Kastelentour (cycling tour) will continue as planned.

New schedule

The new schedule is as follows:

  • 08.00 uur - Bib pick-up and bag deposit possible
  • 09.00 uur - Start Prinsen en Prinsessenloop 1,5KM (including Ridders en Jonkvrouwenloop)
  • 09.15 uur - Start De Vijf van De Haar (5 KM)
  • 09.30 uur - Start De Tien van De Haar (10 KM) (including half marathon)

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New event schedule

You can now register for the 7th edition of Kasteelloop De Halve Van De Haar


The Kasteelloop De Halve van De Haar is the most beautiful two-day sporting event in the Central Netherlands. This year it is possible to walk, cycle and run with the castle gardens of Kasteel De Haar as the starting point. On Saturday 24 June, a castle walk and the castle tour, a bicycle tour, are on the program. On Sunday 25 June you can participate in the running parts. From today it is possible to register for all parts.

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opening 2023
Registration AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar now open!

Good news, adventurer! It's time to put on your running shoes and get excited, because starting today, you can register for the AFAS Kasteelloop de Haar on Sunday 23 June! Register quickly for the 21.1 km, the 10 km, 5 km or the Ridders en Jonkvrouwenloop 2 km via the link below.

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